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  • Mario Trevino

10 Small But Important Things That Make A True Gentleman

Updated: May 2, 2019

A true gentleman will always respect his woman. Chivalry is definitely not dead.

Sweep her off her feet every time you are with her. Leave a lasting impression. You don't have to fight a dragon or slay a beast to grab her attention. Your confidence, your manners matter.

Don't undermine her feelings and emotions.

  1. He is punctual and respectful of a woman's time.

  2. Like a true sir, he stands up to greet her intimately whenever you first meet for a date.

  3. When it's cold or you're out and about, he offers his jacket.

  4. Maintains a good level of eye contact when addressing her.

  5. Respectful, sets aside phone. He is not there to chat with his other friends, but enjoy the prime moment with his lady.

  6. Gossip? No sir delves in those topics. He steers clear of gossip and backtalks. Demonstrates honesty.

  7. Practices humility. Greet and respect others as you would like to be greeted and respected.

  8. Offers to pay for the meal. Nothing shows more confidence than actually offering to pay for the meal. It is your date, you invited her. Simple, isn't it?

  9. Listen. Great leaders are great listeners. A true gentleman pays close attention to whatever her lady says. We all love to be listened to.

  10. Don't expect sexual pleasures. Be courteous, be a gentlemen, offer to take her home safely or at least walk her to her car or cab. If you played your cards right, she might ask for some tea, if you know what I mean.

No luck, it's a start. Takes time. Study the art of a true gentleman. At the end of the day you could study every book and article you could get your hands to, but the key is to become it. Envision it, let your words be, speak yourself into existence and shape the man you wish to become.