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  • Marni Kinrys, Wing Girl

7 Ways To Create Sexual Chemistry With Women

A lot of men are constantly asking me “How do can I escalate from friends to sexual attraction?”. Escalating is easier than one might think.  All it really involves is believing that you are sexual and stating your intentions. The difficult part is actually believing you are sexual and having the confidence and comfort in yourself to actually display your intentions.

Quick lesson: If you want to be seen as a sexual option stop presenting yourself as a friend or a suck.  Be straight, direct and confident in the way you present yourself.

I have written you a piece that will help you show a woman you want her sexually without being aggressive or an a**hole.


What can be said about sexual chemistry between men and women?  Is it just a myth or is it a magic bullet aimed straight at the heart (or elsewhere…)?  Some couples say when they met they had “instant chemistry.”  So what exactly does this mean?  Is sexual chemistry a simple biological process or something more complex, a layering of mental and physical attraction, body language, and ancient love juju?

Ancient love juju aside, sexual chemistry is actually based on a kind of unconscious perception and interpretation of someone’s appearance and behavior.  Huh?  Simply put, we are constantly scanning the opposite sex for signs of interest and compatibility.  When we project the right signals, we are able to attract the objects of our desire.

For example, if a man projects a vibe of independence, seems to be happy, and appears to know what he wants, this triggers arousal in women.  “At first sight” he is providing enough evidence for a woman’s desire to be stoked.  Suddenly she sees him in a more sexual way, based entirely on her perception of him as strong and independent.  It also doesn’t hurt that when a guy appears sexually exuberant, he gives a woman the impression she’ll have a satisfying experience with him.

Men so often suppress their sexual strength and assertiveness as a result of past rejection; they get caught up in their own fears, trying to second-guess what women want.  These guys appear weak and inhibited, and, on an unconscious level, women see them as being “too feminine.”  Who wants to share in a guy’s weakness or have to fix it?  Either way, the sexual chemistry is ruined.

So, how can a guy amp up his ability to create hot sexual chemistry with a woman without having it blow up in his face like a bad science project?

  1. Be aware of the kind of vibe you are projecting.  Are you coming off as confident, carefree, and fun or an emotional drag?

  2. Pay attention to the subtle signals she’s sending you. Is she leaning into you and smiling or sitting back with her arms crossed over her chest?  It takes two to make chemistry happen, so be responsive to her vibe.  A little attentiveness can go a long way.

  3. Don’t second-guess yourself.  Retreating inside your brain to battle your insecurities takes you out of the moment and is a sure way to kill chemistry.

  4. Be direct and confident.  Looking into her eyes and smiling while you talk will make you appear assertive, enthusiastic, and sexy.

  5. Don’t fear rejection.  Relax!  Remember we are constantly projecting signals.  If she picks up on how tense you are, she’s likely to tense up, too.

  6. Make her laugh.  Light sexual innuendo is a great way to lighten the mood and convey your attraction.

  7. Don’t be afraid to let her know you’re interested.  Women can sense it, anyway.  It’s chemistry, stupid!

The important notes to take away this article is to be proud and confident in what you want. If you want to sleep with a woman don’t try to hide it, show it. Not in a sleezy, gropey way but in a sexually strong way.  The way that gets women turned on in 2 seconds by presenting them with a man that knows what he wants and can lead. How sexy is that??!!!

Answer: SO SEXY. Trust me.

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This is an important message to share with all men.

This blog post was re-posted with permission from Marni Kinrys.

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