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  • Mario Trevino

How To Make Her Laugh

Ever wonder how to make her laugh? Don't have a sense of humor? Are you shy? Nervous? Boring? Fear not, for we will discuss some easy tips for you.

So most of the time you hear that men need confidence to have a lasting impact with a women. This is true, yet one of the top qualities women look for in a man is a sense of humor. Girls love to laugh, so when they laugh they release feel-good endorphins that increase intimacy and improve relationships.

Having a sense of humor doesn't necessarily mean YOU are the one making the jokes. It is simply having sense of what's funny. So laugh at other people's jokes. Laugh at her jokes. You'll seem funny.

Women aren't looking for an all out comedian.

When women say they want someone who is funny, they mean someone who has many different sides to him. You don't have to be so serious all the time. Have a balance. See the humor in life.

So, what exactly does this mean?

Say you start off by talking about poverty, war, famine, negative, you must be able to lighten up the overall talk with something fun. Joke around a little. Tease her, show her you have many sides that she may want to get to know. Be yourself and don't try to hard. use some sarcasm and irony.

Men who are only funny, and only know how to be the funny guy, get really boring and tiresome fast. Which is why a nice balance is super hot.”-Marni Kinrys, The Wing Girl Method

Be sure to have fun, be sure to be able to laugh at yourself. The girl could just have gotten out of work and all she wants is some fun, not more serious stuff to discuss. This is exactly what it means for women when they say "We want a guy with a nice sense of humor", and this is very important.

"If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.." - Marilyn Monroe