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  • Marni Kinrys, Wing Girl

Where To Take A Girl On A Date: First Date Ideas

Tons of men ask me “Where should I take a girl on a date?”

My answer to them is always the same “Where do you want to go on a date?”

The dating process is all about seeing if two people can connect and fit into each others lives.  Therefore I feel that in the beginning stages of dating you must hold true to who you are so the other person can see if they want to come along for the ride.

A lot of men try too hard to think “what would impress her?”, “what would she want to do?”, “what will make her want to be with me more?”

In the beginning, the first few dates, this she or her is really no one to you.  At least not anyone whose needs come before yours.  Right? So then stop focusing on her and start focusing on you. If you want to go to a salsa class, take her with.  If you want to go to a comedy show and laugh, take her with.

A first date does not need to be extravagant, expensive and showy. It has to be real and it has to be you.

BUT most importantly it has to be fun and enjoyable.

Great first date ideas:

  1. Drinks at a bar

  2. Bowling

  3. Walk on the boardwalk, walk street

  4. Jazz club

  5. Salsa Dancing

  6. Comedy Show

  7. Concert

  8. Mini Golf

  9. Billiards

  10. Go carting

  11. Art exhibit

  12. Wine bar

  13. Cooking class

  14. Book Signing

My recommendation is to not go to an expensive restaurant and wine and dine.


Wait until you know she is worth it.

This blog post was re-posted with permission from Marni Kinrys.

Marni Kinrys is a female dating coach for men that has spent the last decade helping tens of thousands of men stop being Mr. Nice Guy and become Mr. Holy S&*T, I Want Him!!!

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