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PRINCIPLES of the order

While many people are unaware of The Order of Yoni, that does not diminish the powerful dedication they have had in creating a better world for everyone. While people today are focused on wealth and caring for their own families, The Order of Yoni focuses on courage, skills, honour to self and others, intelligence, respect, and above all honour to the divine feminine on a worldwide scale. The highest purpose of The Order of Yoni is to change the world for the better. Here are just a few of the benefits of following The Order of Yoni.

1. As a follower of The Order of Yoni,  you have a task that needs to be completed, to achieve a higher purpose in life. You will use every resource that the divine has bestowed upon your life. When work has to be done, you can count on your intuition to bring fruition to own goal or desire.

2. When faced with a task or challenge in life, a follower of the Yoni will understand the power of using their resources in a conservative manner. This means that they simply do not throw themselves with everything at a goal in their personal life in hopes for a favourable outcome. Brethren will pace themselves and call upon the divine and preserve those resources in an effort to getting the job completed successfully.

3. The Order of Yoni is not all about having a positive attitude. Though must accept and take on challenges, and in the event they do not reach the goal, they do not let that setback affect them, but learn from it instead and apply wisdom to upcoming tasks. 

4. To an acting member, there is no such thing as discrimination due to your sexual beliefs, your skin colour, or how famous you are. We are focused on achieving a goal and bring awareness of the divine feminine that has been suppressed for so long. 

5. We take pride in the family unit. The utmost importance is placed on helping the family and protecting them at all costs. No member will ever sell out another member of the family by showcasing wrongdoings of one. We take great pride in the our fellow members and their respective family units as well as their prospected divine ordained goddess.

6. As we are not attached to any religious organization, members are free to follow that which they have known. Simply they will learn far more moral values and spiritual principles that can be applied to said organizations if they are involved in. 

7. The art of politics , the art of conversation, the art of communication and social order in nature is to be learned through our preserved methods.

8. Provide access to a network of like minded individuals in which we admire the beauty and divinity of our females amongst us, for all are deities. If thou treats deities with disrespect, it is believed that you have no honour, no sake and purpose in life. One must be in touch with their divinity and moral compass at all times.



9. Equip fellow members with ideas and thoughts to better appreciate greatness and individual success.

10. Promote happiness and unity, with family, and with love for another. The same respect you have for others, the same happiness you share to others, is rightfully returned to you.