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The Order has spent years to brew a tasteful, fantastic beer style that is suitable with the Yoni lactobacillus of our stunning models. Finally, having perfected our recipe, we have chosen the Imperial Champagne style to be an ‘ark’ for our goddesses. 

Our beers are unfiltered. Yoni Lactobacillus is accompanied with noble French Champagne yeast. The yeast from the Champagne region shifts the bouquet of taste toward a Champagne. Beer sommeliers categorize the beer between a Champagne and Belgian Wheat Ale Style, Witbier/ Biere Blanche. 


The crucial part of the process is to ensure the safety of our product.

First of all, the material is examined in the presence of other bacteria and viruses.

Secondly, the procedures of isolation and preparation prevent other bacteria and viruses from surviving, providing a final product that is completely clean and healthy.

As we progress, so will our beer styles.

Expect to see more Goddesses from all over the world and a variety of flavors.
Excitement itself couldn't describe what we have in store for you.

Sour Ale, Pilsner, Pale Ale, Lambic, Stouts, Porters, IPA, Brown Ales, Amber Ales, Red Ales, Flanders, American Wheat, Hefeweizen, Belgian Pale, Dubbel, Tripel, Saison, Kolsch, Blonde Ale, Lagers, Lights.

Just to name a few.



THE ORDER OF YONI as a company, sees, honors and celebrates in its very essence the inter-connected nature of all human beings, maximizing human potential and helping create a world which works for all. With the purchase of our high quality beer accessible to all those of legal age, they are a means to allocate funds and support programs as well as movements that contribute to global awareness, environmental conservation and human well-being.

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